CBR 2024 Bike Transportation Info

We are very happy to now confirm the appointment of the official bike transportation provider for Cannonball Bike Run 2024!

Being able to hop on a budget plane ride home and have your bike transported back from Bulgaria after CBR is finished is not only super convenient, it’s actually more cost effective.

The cost of fuel, tyres, tolls, hotels, meals, mileage/wear & tear on your bike and the additional time needed off work can easily add-up. Just the fuel alone to ride back to the UK would cost €350-400 for example!

With a fleet of 8+ specialist vans (actual example pictured above), we have the expertise to get your bike safely home, and the flexibility to team you up with other riders in your home country to split the cost and make the process as easy as it can be.

And don’t forget, if you fancy leaving your bike in the Italian Alps to provide you with fly-ride mountain riding for the rest of the season, you can do that absolutely free of charge at the new Cannonball Basecamp.

All the transportation details, options and prices are available in a brand new document available here:


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