Cannonball Feature Bike

If you view storing your bike away for the winter season as a necessary evil, then take inspiration from veteran Cannonballer, Finland’s Adrian Niemela. With paintwork inspired from his 2020 Cannonball that visited Rome, Adrian has painstakingly put together this sick custom built BMW S1000RR.

Rest-assured, the spiked tyres are not just for show – this is no show-pony. As part of the Motor’s Therapy Team, Adrian and fellow Cannonballer / Team member Markus spend their winters ripping across the frozen lakes of Finland at, ahem, “enthusiastic” speeds – not always on 2-wheels.

The bike is featured in this month’s copy of Bomber Magazine – check out Motor’s Therapy and give them a follow on Facebook here.

Awesomeness comes in many forms, but gnarly and spikey is always best.

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