Referral Program


Welcome a friend into the Cannonball Family and receive €400 off your entry fee.


Here at Cannonball Bike Run we love it when new riders discover us through the recommendation of one of our ‘vets’. Kind of makes us proud.

So, we have launched a brand new initiative aimed at giving back to those that help spread the word whilst ensuring that we ‘keep it in the family’ and bring in only like-minded people.

It’s pretty simple: refer a new rider to CBR and we will credit you with €400 OFF your entry fee (cash option also available).

There’s no limit, so you’ll receive €400 off for EVERY new rider. For example: refer 3 riders and your entry is half price, refer 6 and you are riding Cannonball Bike Run for free.

A few rules apply to make sure it’s fair to everyone – see details below.

All you need to do is put the word out, provide us with the names of those you are referring in advance and/or have them mention your name when they fill in the booking form. Easy!

1.  Qualification. We only want recommendations made from personal experience. So, to qualify to receive a referral commission you must have attended a previous Cannonball Bike Run (CBR) event.
2. Eligibility. Referral commissions are only credited for new entrants that have not previously attended a CBR or any of our other events & are not already in our email database / social networks.
3. One-Time Payment. Referral commissions are paid on a 1-time basis for the first event entered by a new rider that you introduce.
4. Amount. A referral commission of €400 will be paid where you refer a new rider that pays the full entry fee of €2,499.  If the rider being introduced claims an ‘early-bird’ or any other discount, this will be deducted from the referral commission. Please note: referral commissions are NOT paid on riders entered via the discounted Young Rider Initiative.
5. Cash Alternative. The referral commission is payable via a credit to be offset against your own entry fee for CBR. If you are not entered into the current CBR, you may carry over & accumulate event credits for future CBR events for up to a maximum of 5 years. Alternatively you may opt to receive a cash payment of €250 per new rider referred.
6. Timing. To allow for the possibility of cancellations and refunds, referral commissions will only be applied/paid once a new entrant has paid their entry fee in full and the Final Payment Date as detailed in the CBR booking form has passed.
7. Fair play. This promotion is offered in good faith and all credits/payments are made entirely at our discretion. Anyone caught cheating the system will forfeit their right to all credits/payments in perpetuity.


“Year after year they make the perfect event!”

Markus A.

aka The Archbishop of Burgos