Featured Rider Sep ’22 | Jezza

In this series of “Featured” posts, we’ll be showcasing a selection of Cannonball Bike Run entrants to give our readers a feel for the average rider.

Of course, if there could ever be an “average” Cannonball rider, Jezza is anything but. As a 10-time Cannonballer and Pro AMA Racer in both SuperSport and SuperStock classes, it’s kind of crazy to think that he has ridden the equivalent distance of circumnavigating the entire globe over the course of his 10 Cannonballs to date. And the fact that he has achieved that without a single incident or off is testament to the quality of his riding and road awareness.

Sure, he has been known to pop the “occasional” wheelie. By some kind of miracle he seemed to capture all 10-years worth in a single day as shown in his bike-cam footage above from Day 6 of CBR 2022. Also featured in the video is young hotshot Tristan who joined the event for the first time in ’22. Enjoy.

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. One wheel saves front tyres.

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