2024 News & Essential Updates


We hope you enjoyed the holidays and are now casting at least one eye towards the coming riding season – now is the time to plan your 2024 adventures!

With 20° C temperatures forecast this weekend here at Cannonball Basecamp in the South West of France, it feels like Spring already.

So, what better time to provide you with a quick-fire update of everything Cannonball Bike Run:

CBR 2024 Bike Transportation

A few riders have mentioned that the current process is a bit “Catch 22” and so if you are thinking about having your bike transported back from Bulgaria at the end of the event, simply email us and we will group you up with other riders to fill a van without having to make a commitment with the transport company. If you get in early, you will be guaranteed to get a space in a full van.

Adventure Guaranteed!

Having recently returned from a cheeky sighting trip to Turkey, we can confirm that an all-out adventure is most definitely on the cards!

Referral Program

Don’t forget that you can subsidize your CBR entry to tune of €400 off for every rider that you refer, or take a cash payment instead, full details here


All hotels are now locked in and we are very happy with the selection this year 😍 with not one, but two 5-star hotels included. Happy days.

Young Rider Initiative

We have a limited number of €600 ‘sponsorships’ to provide assistance to young riders entering Cannonball Bike Run. Share the love! Grab the voucher and share on your socials right here

CBR Adventure Van

In our latest late night drunken f*@k up strategic development we have recently acquired a LWB van to convert into a purpose-built CBR Adventure Van & Support Vehicle. What essential Cannonball feature do you think it should have? Free mystery prize to the best idea suggested…

The sun is almost upon us people. If you haven’t entered already, the time is now.

Stay Legendary.




“Life is best lived without limits.”

Prime Time of Your Life. Now. Live it.
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