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Petri (Finland) Cannonball Bike Run Cannonball Bike Run Cannonball Bike Run Cannonball Bike Run

Petri (Finland)


TOURS OF DUTY: 3 ( 2015, 2017, 2018)

A special kind of maniac. Entirely immune to cold weather. His choice of rides can only be described as “optimistic”. Considers a front sprocket with only 4 teeth left as being half-worn. Parties with naked hippies, preferably bald. Rocked up to CBR 2017 with a shit-heap rival to PigDog only to get it stolen the night before the start. Was pissed that the thief was obviously crazier than he was. Washes his jeans every 6 weeks whether they need it or not. The only rider in history to be immediately awarded Legend status after just one Cannonball. Enough said.