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Zero Motorcycles Offering “Free ‘Fuel’ for Life”

  • By cannonball

Zero Motorcycles’ latest promotion, “Free ‘Fuel’ For Life,” began on July 5. The company is giving anyone who purchases a new Zero between July 5 – 31, 2017, up to $1,200, the equivalent of about 85,000 miles worth of electricity. At today’s current national average for gasoline ($2.25), it would cost about $4,745 to cover that distance with an ICE motorcycle. On a Zero, that cost goes down to $1,200 on an SR or DSR model, $1,000 on an S or DS 13.0ZF model, and $700 on an FX, FXS, S, or DS 6.5ZF model.


Interesting offer from #ZeroMotorcycles…