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When Age And Downsizing Your Motorcycle Opens Up New Opportunities

  • By cannonball

his is a tale of victory, not defeat; but it didn’t start that way. In fact, this story begins with a sobering topic most motorcyclists will confront but few will speak of.

Try as we might, no matter how hard we attempt to halt his progress, there’s no avoiding Father Time. Months turn to years, and almost suddenly our youthful minds share space with reflexes founded on training rather than lightning-fast synapses. The strength we once took for granted has now taken a back seat to aches and pains.

This isn’t to say that passion for two wheels wanes with age, but the realities of age can only be ignored for so long, eventually forcing even the steadiest of hands to compromise. What was once the perfect bike is now a bit too heavy, a tad too tall, and a little too extreme… Now what?


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