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What would a Daytona 675 cost to insure against other similar models?

  • By cannonball

At a time where supersport 600s don’t seem to make sense anymore, the Daytona 675 is a white and blue wave of pure clarity. Since its creation in 2006, that three-cylinder 675cc engine has provided road riders with a stunning mix of drive and revs, and this 2013 incarnation gives yet more still. The shorter stroke design featuring a separate cylinder block with new Nikasil-coated bores delivers more top-end rpm and improved mid-range, while one-tooth-shorter gearing adds to the supersport excitement.

Sure, the majority of the 675’s power is still at the top end but getting to it isn’t a chore. Spurred on by that plump torque and giddying induction howl, you hang on to the throttle until all six police-siren-blue shift lights are illuminated on the dash. Yet you don’t need to ride the Daytona especially fast to enjoy yourself, just darting through traffic is a joy thanks to the mass-centralised packaging.


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