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We Can’t Wait To Ride This Year’s Crop Of New Small Displacement Bikes

  • By cannonball

This last November, an entire fresh crop of motorcycles was unveiled at various motorcycle shows all over the world in what’s become one of our most exciting launch seasons to date. Recently, Bradley told you about the ten bikes we’re the most excited to ride, but some of you complained that the picks were too premium; that we were only focused on the best and most expensive of what is on the horizon. And, to an extent, that’s true. Because we’re journalists and often more excited to ride the things we can’t afford over the ones we can. And because those are the bikes that move the needle and push development forward.

But the bikes we’re the most excited to swing a leg over aren’t necessarily the bikes we’ll recommend the most, nor are they the best option for the vast majority of consumers. More and more, the bikes that are the best for most people are the ones on the opposite side of the spectrum—the ones with a smaller displacement and a modest price tag. That said, here are the small motorcycles we’re looking forward to most, that we think you’ll like, too.


What #Motorcycle are you looking forward to the most this year? #CannonBallBikeRun