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Vintage dirt bike by Atom Bomb | Bike EXIF

  • By cannonball

It’s always good to see an established builder move out of their comfort zone, and even better to see them land a king hit at the same time. I’d never have guessed this vintage dirt bike was from Clay Rathburn of Atom Bomb Custom, but his signature attention to detail is evident throughout.

“As long as I can remember I’ve thought dirt bikes were some of the most beautiful motorcycles made,” Clay reveals. “I think some of that influence shows up from time to time in my rigid customs.” So nearly two years ago, Clay started planning the frame for this bike. “Beyond ‘build a Triumph dirt bike’ there wasn’t much of a firm plan,” he admits. “I had a Yamaha front end on hand, and some shocks from a Husqvarna.”


What a bike! #Vintage #Motorcycle #DirtBike