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Triumph Street Scrambler

  • By cannonball

Triumph duke it out against BMW on the Bike Shed as the most featured manufacturer and at our shows you can’t move for triangular badges and swan-neck exhausts. That’s not just because we are quite partial to that iconic engine architecture but because so is nearly everyone else. And it’s not because we’re British either. No matter where we go, we’re never too far from a Triumph, whether that be a lovingly restored Meriden classic or tractor tyred Hinckley Bonneville. We’ve written about and exhibited so many of the things that it’s all too easy to become blasé in the presence of the endeavours of talented pro-builders and passionate amateurs. Yet, when done right, there’s not a lot to beat the simple lines of a T100. Ask a child to draw a motorbike and you’ll probably end up with a colourful squiggle resembling Dutch’s D&O Bonneville.


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