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These Are Our Favorite Motorcycles We Rode In 2016

  • By cannonball

2016 was a great year for motorcycles. The entire industry is finally starting to really pick up steam after falling off in 2008. Manufacturers are finally taking risks after playing it safe, and producing bikes at faster rates and with incredibly increasing amounts of technology and prowess.
The job of a motorcycle magazine editor is fun, but it also requires a truly incredible amount of work, and the thing that makes those long hours worth it is getting to scratch that itch of “I wonder what it’s like to ride that…” Because we’re all just a bunch of bike dorks who can’t find a way to make enough money to pay to see what it feels like when Kawasaki puts a supercharger in a literbike or Husqvarna puts the revised 690 motor with that second counter balancer shaft in the 701 Supermoto (rumor is that I get to ride that a little next week!)


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