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Special Forces Would Def Love Tooling Around on Flying Motorcycles

  • By cannonball

ELITE MILITARY FORCES have plenty of cool ways to reach targets. Black Hawk helicopters. V-22 Ospreys. Scuba gear.

Here’s one more: a jet-powered flying motorbike that can hit 150 mph and happens to be carrying four Spike missiles.

When Franky Zapata showed off his Flyboard earlier this year, zooming through the air 7,000 feet up at 55 mph, I knew a military version of the Green Goblin-inspired transportation would surely follow.

A mechanical engineer and a member of the family whose aerospace and transportation company builds trains, planes, and more, Bombardier’s at his best when he ignores pesky things like budgets, timelines, and contemporary physics. Since 2013, he’s run a blog cataloging more than 200 concepts, each a fantastic, farfetched new way for people to travel through land, air, water, and space. His ideas are out there, but it’s Bombardier’s sort of creative thinking that keeps us moving forward.


A flying motorcycle?