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Running of the Bulls


There are not too many nations on earth that know how to throw a party like the Spanish do. The San Fermin Festival, better known as the “Running of the Bulls” is a case in point. For a full 7 Days this amazing event hosts over 1,000,000 people for a 24/7 Party like no other….

….. The infamous Bull Run occurs every morning at 8am as hundreds of Bull Runners seek to outrun, outfox or just simply avoid the avalanche of fearsome beasts that rampage along the 1km course through the ancient back-streets of Pamplona.


Having done it, we can confirm that it is, as rumoured, “Fucking Dangerous”

If you are stupid enough, you will have the opportunity to join legendary CBR fall-guy Nick and actually taking part in the Bull Run to represent Cannonball Bike Run. Otherwise get in the thick of the crazy crowd, watch, revel and experience an atmosphere that, for sure, you will not have seen before.

To get a “taste” for San Fermin & The Bull Run check out these dramatic videos:


  •        View the “Chasing Red” video here

  •        View the “Encierro 3D” video here

  •        View the video of our actual Bull Run in 2013 here


More about Pamplona

In Pamplona you can view the Bull Run from street level or, if you prefer, we will be organizing optional private balcony viewing with breakfast included (this will be at a small extra charge for those that wish to do this). The balcony will surely afford an excellent view of Nick being dragged bloodied and battered over the cobblestones below.

Of course the Bull Run is just part of it. The San Fermin Festival is just that  – a massive festival of food, wine, music, people and life that runs non-stop. We could not imagine a better place to host the CBR Final Party and that’s why we will be there for a full 24-hours.

With time on your hands you will be able to experience all that this amazing spectacle has to offer. From the live bands, concerts, fun-fair and never-ending choice of tapas bars to the wild parties, fireworks and water-splashes from above – there is always something going on.

Be sure though not to miss the local tradition of Fountain-Jumping where fearless locals leap off to be caught by the crowd below. Nick will be demonstrating his signature “Reverse-Swallow-Dive” whilst CBR co-organizer Steve will hopefully be handling the catch-crew.

If Cannonball Bike Run & Running of the Bulls wasn’t on your “Bucket-List” before-hand, it should be now. We’ll see you there.

“There are only Three True Sports:
Motorcycle Racing, Bull Running and Cannonball. Everything else is merely a Game.”

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