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Special Mike (UK) Special Mike (UK) Special Mike (UK) Special Mike (UK)

Special Mike (UK)

Michael Wilson

TOURS OF DUTY: 2 (2009, 2013)

With a penchant for “classic” Italian exotica, that is mostly broken, Special Mike made his mark before CBR 2009 even started. Embarking (solo) on the epic ride from the UK to Morocco (mapless) he called the CBR office from just outside Calais asking “What´s French for South?”

Proving that miracles really do happen and with a bike held together with not much more than hope, Mike made it into the deep south of Morocco before a small off ingrained some more “character” into his trusty Duke.

Learning from his 2009 experience, in 2013 Mike shunned any safety kit in favour of sunburn and thankfully managed to break-down (several times) before he was able to crash his Aprilia.

The only man on Earth to have twice taken the CBR “6 Ps” trophy Mike really does demonstrate that “Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance”.

Legends come in all forms. When the time comes to write the Cannonball book, Special Mike will have a chapter all of his own.