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Our Top Ten Best Rides of 2016

  • By cannonball

It’s amazing the places a motorcycle can take you, isn’t it? Both literally and physically. Whether you’re off on some big adventure or running laps around a race track, life is simply better on two wheels. And the resulting stories are generally pretty good too.
To wrap up another incredible year on two wheels, we’ve put together a list with ten of our staff’s most memorable rides/adventures of 2016. Some of these rides took us halfway around the globe, and others just an hour or so from the office, but each were as unique as the next. We wouldn’t trade either experience for the world, and hope that they either A) remind you of an awesome ride/two-wheeled experience that you had in 2016 or B) inspire you to jump on your motorcycle and go for a similar adventure in 2017.


What’s your favourite #motorcycle of 2016? #Cannoballism