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Motorcycle Stability Control: Feeling MSC at work – KTM BLOG

  • By cannonball

Since the invention of motorcycles, riders have pushed them to their limits and engineers have gradually improved the various parts of the bike in order for the former to keep happening. It’s all about finding a new mark to continually over-step …

At first, the engines were the limiting factor. Until the Brough Superior was released in 1925, the most powerful production motorcycles had all produced less than 30 bhp. Overnight, the Brough brought an incredible 50% more performance. As engines improved, stronger brakes were necessary, then better tires, and then more sophisticated suspension. When the engines again got stronger, this cycle started over. Then, with the advent of motorcycle ABS in 1998, computers came to help out with the dynamics, not just behind the scenes with engine management systems.


What are your thoughts on #StabilityControl on a #Motorcycle?