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Motorcycle-Inspired Urban Electric Bikes

  • By cannonball

Timmermans Fietsen is a custom bicycle workshop, based in the Netherlands, and the company’s recent project revolves around the creation of an urban electric bike that is inspired by the Scrambler motorcycle. Dubbed the ‘Scrambler E-Bike V2.0,’ the model is an update of a previous design by Timmermans Fietsen.

Of course, the newly refurbished urban electric bike boasts some new tech innovations and performance features, "including a Marzocchi downhill fork, seat suspension with an air damper," as well as carefully integrated display and control in the battery.

The range of the motor can go between 250 to 750 watts. Needless to say, Timmermans Fietsen’s urban electric bike is the perfect fusion between the lightweight frame of bicycles and the engine specs and tech, found in motorcycles.


Interesting bike, what is your opinion?