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Cannonball Bike Run 2022 |


For 2022 Cannonball Bike Run (CBR) will head to new and undiscovered territory!

Starting from south-western France in the borderlands of the Pyrenees; the route will loosely follow the Pilgrim’s Way through the rolling green hills of Basque country and The Cantabrian Mountains before reaching the point that was “The End of the Known World” for centuries.

Venturing back East, we will finish in the rejuvenated city of Bilbao for the final night party celebration.

The 18th annual CBR will focus on fabulous Northern Spain with an all-new 3000-kilometre route bringing you the very best riding that this stunning region has to offer.

The Cannonball is renowned for always pushing the boundaries but of course some things will not change – the famous blend of fabulous roads from mountain to shining sea and at the end of a hard day’s riding you can expect classic countryside & historic hotels alongside uber modern city residences – all with secure parking.

The actual route is kept secret until the event but we understand that CBR is all about the riding and the routes will be hand-picked and pre-ridden so you can expect the best riding you have ever experienced.

It goes without saying that CBR 2022 will include all the traditional Cannonball features: back-up support & luggage van, dinners every night, breakfast each morning, final party night, trophies, goodies, photos etc.

If you are a first time Cannonballer be reassured this is a very special event, these are just a few comments from Cannonballer veterans:

‘Absolutely fantastic’ D.F. England

‘This was great. It was so awesome’ A.M Finland

Great job. Well done boys’ S.S.  Norway

Super cool event’ E J Norway

‘Love it. It’s great for enthusiast riders’ M M England

‘Another great week away’ R B England

‘Wonderful, unforgettable all-round event’ S.B USA

You only live once, so whatever you do, DO NOT miss out. It’s going to be epic.

The 2022 entry fee is just €2499 Euros (although you can still pay in £/GBP if you prefer. Want to join us? Apply for Entry Now.

As a wise man once said: “When you ride to the top of the world, you may never want to come back….”

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