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Italian Volt custom electric motorcycles will employ 3D printing

  • By cannonball

This startup is building electric motorcycles that can be configured as a café racer, a roadster, a scrambler, or fully custom, thanks to 3D printing.

Italian Volt (no relation to GM’s Volt car) is taking electric motorcycles to a new level with its forthcoming Lacama bike, as instead of offering just one style of motorbike, or several different models, the startup will allow buyers to customize their bike with the help of 3D printing. The company isn’t a johnny-come-lately to motorcycles or motorsports, as two of the three founders, Nicola Colombo and Valiero Fumagalli, set a world record a few years ago for the longest electric motorcycle journey (7691.94 miles from Shangai to Milan in 44 days), and the third, Adriano Stellino, is a designer who has worked with some big names in the field, namely Lamborghini and Bertone.


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