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Interview: Suzuki President on turbo-charged revival plans

  • By cannonball

“Turbos are part of Suzuki’s future plans” Toshihiro Suzuki, President and CEO of Suzuki
With Suzuki showing strong signs of emerging from a period of instability and new-model market invisibility in a post 2008 economic meltdown world, now felt like the perfect time to talk to Toshihiro Suzuki, President and CEO of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan.

MCN: What has been wrong with Suzuki recently and how do you plan to change and improve the company?

TS: After the financial crisis in 2008 there was a big shift of focus within Suzuki to move more towards the smaller capacity markets in Asia, which is partly the reason for the drop in European new models. Now, starting with the GSX-R models, our focus is on the fun of motorcycles – run, turn and stop – which we believe is a strength of Suzuki. From now on we will build on this strength and always pursue the fun side of motorcycles.


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