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Inside London’s Daredevil Biker Community

  • By cannonball

DAN GIANNOPOULOS WASN’T terribly concerned about his safety as he lay on the street, which he considered the best angle to photograph a motorcycle doing donuts just feet from his head. “Looking back at the photographs, I might have been a little too close,” he says.

You’ll get almost as close to the action looking at his fascinating black-and-white series South London Bikelife.  Giannopoulos spent a year inside the city’s thriving, thrill-seeking subculture of motorcycle daredevils. Dozens of people gather in parking lots, deserted roads and other expanses of pavement to do all manner of tomfoolery, often to the chagrin of the local constabulary. “It’s a way they find some sense of belonging and community,” Giannopoulos says.


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