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How to Initiate a Car Guy Into the Motorcycle World

  • By cannonball

During high school, I had a friend named Pete. He worked on boats. After senior year, Pete became a railroad tramp. He’d follow lumber from the Pacific Northwest, living in boxcars and hobo camps, stopping off at dockyards when the wood was unloaded, looking for jobs. Pete, as you can imagine, led a fascinating life. I respected what he did. Admired it. Loved hearing about it. Pete swore by the rails, but did not invite me to ride with him. I did not ask.

This, fundamentally, is my relationship to motorcycles. Neat things, relevant to my interests, part of another world. They don’t invite, I don’t ask. The Drive’s West Coast editor, Chris Cantle, loves motorcycles almost as much as Pete loves trains. Except Cantle is not content with my passing admiration. So, as an initiation of sorts, he sent me to New Jersey Motorsport Park for laps on a two-seat superbike. Moto guys get a laugh; car guys get perspective; I go for a ride, ideally while upright.


What a cool story..