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Gunning for 200 MPH on a 70 Year Old Triumph Motorcycle

  • By cannonball

The latest generation of Triumph motorcycles is the best in the company’s history. That’s an objective fact, and one that is indisputably true. Still, it is the legend of the old Triumph bikes that drives the brand forward … and that legend drives the brand’s fans forward, too. Fans like Alp Sungurtekin, who hopes to add a record of his adventures to the annals of motorcycling history.

Alp hopes to earn his place in those annals (huh-huh) by taking a sixty-eight (68) year old, 650cc, air-cooled, pushrod Triumph motor and boosting its output from 33 horsepower to more than 150. Enough, Alp hopes, to crack 200 MPH at the Bonneville salt flats.


Will this triumph hit 200mph?


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