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First UK test: Zero DSR

  • By cannonball

Until now, the few electric bikes that have actually reached production have all had one glaring fault or another. They’ve been too slow, too expensive, too heavy or too impractical – or, sometimes, all of the above.

But one US firm have persevered with battery power. Zero Motorcycles, based in California, have been making all-electric bikes since 2006. The DSR is their latest machine, and after living with this one for 400 miles it’s clear that their efforts are justified. This is, without doubt, the most practical, most all-round capable and most real-world electric road bike yet.

The DSR is not slow. Its motor makes 106ftlb of torque – that’s more than a Kawasaki H2 or Ducati Panigale R. The DSR is not heavy. It weighs just 190kg, the same as a Honda CB500F. And the DSR is not completely impractical. On a single charge it has the potential to cover nearly 150 miles, a range that rivals plenty of petrol-powered machines.

For a bike so advanced it’s pretty conventional in its styling. Nothing screams “ELECTRIC!” – there’s no jagged lightning bolt motif or hideous Hollywood film-prop plastic. It looks like any mid-sized dual-purpose bike, only with a big black box where you might expect to find an engine.


Which one of you #Cannonballers would attempt the #BikeRun on an #Electric Motorcycle?