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First ride incoming: ‘Smart clutch’ MV Agusta Tursimo Veloce Lusso SCS 

  • By cannonball

MCN Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves will be riding MV Agusta’s new Turismo Veloce Lusso SCS (Smart Clutch System) at its world launch in Italy on Tuesday. 

Based on the Italian firm’s rasping 798cc inline three-cylinder, range-topping sports adventure machine it features top drawer cycle parts, electronic rider aids and semi-active suspension. It also has a clutch lever, as you’d expect…but you don’t need to use it, even for stopping and pulling away. 

The Smart Clutch System clutch engages and disengages automatically with the increase and decrease in revs and stops the motor from stalling when you come to a stop. You can still use the clutch normally by clicking from automatic to manual mode. 


What do you think about this smart clutch technology?