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Electric balance bikes for kids

  • By cannonball

Balance bikes are an effective way for kids to transition from riding tricycles to a two-wheeler, and can accelerate the process of learning to balance on a moving bike by removing the need to also learn to pedal at the same time. I’ve used them with my younger kids, thereby eliminating the aching back that comes from walking hunched over with one hand on the back of the saddle while they slowly learn the basics of balancing and pedaling at the same time, and I heartily recommend balance bikes as a great first two-wheeler that doesn’t require training wheels to ride. Although it’s easy enough to make your own balance bike by removing the pedals or the cranks from a kids bike, there are plenty of choices on the market for purpose-built balance bikes, including a new option, which looks like it belongs in the ‘just what we needed department,’ at least for non-motorcycling families.


It’s never too early to get your kids on two wheels… check out this product! #ElectricBike #BalanceBikes