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DMOL Up Yours Copper – The Bike Shed

  • By cannonball

You’ve either got it, or you haven’t. Whether it be good looks, a big brain or a feel for all things mechanical. The latter is often perceived as nurture rather than nature but I don’t buy that one. Study hard, enrol on courses and gather all the experience a life spannering can throw at you and maybe you’ll make a decent mechanic or fabricator but it’s that inbuilt flare and vision that sets apart the good from the brilliant.

I met Ray Petty a few years ago when he rolled a V-twin Jap engined bobber into our Bike Shed London show at Tobacco Dock and fell in love immediately. Ray is a nice bloke but the bike is wonderful. Just to dispel any confusion, I’m talking about Ray Petty the London based Ducati specialist, not the Norton engine builder and tuner from a previous generation. Seeing as we’re Ducati owners here in the ‘Shed, in fact it’s pretty much turned into being a rite of passage, our bikes have always gone to Ray for specialist work. What he doesn’t know about Desmos, Bevels, Testastrettas isn’t even worth Googling but that certainly doesn’t make Ray a one trick pony, far from it. It’s this wealth of experience and aforementioned ability to see the world in blueprints and schematics that cemented the relationship between him and former advertising industry big hitter James Hilton.


What a stunning #motorcycle!