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AI, a new Yamaha R6 and pizza mischief: PH2 | PistonHeads

  • By cannonball

It’s certainly been a strange old week for two-wheeled news, so PH2 will kick off with one of the more interesting stories. Kawasaki has confirmed that it is moving forward with plans to introduce what it calls ICT (Information and Communication Technology) including Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its future bikes. Slightly worryingly, according to Kawasaki the technology is aimed to pick up on the rider’s intent and emotional state to allow the bike and rider to share an understanding of purpose. Kawasaki then goes on to elaborate that the system will “be able to offer the rider pertinent hints for enhanced riding enjoyment or relay safety-related or reassuring advice as the situation dictates”. Really? The whole point of riding a bike is that you don’t have someone nagging in your ear! It will be interesting to see how this technology evolves beyond relaying simple GPS directions.


Do you want your bike to offer you riding advice? #YamahaR6