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2018 Suzuki GSX250R Review

  • By cannonball

The 2018 Suzuki GSX250R has looks inspired by the GSX-R family, but it was designed more with the practical approach of the Katana series in mind.

Suzuki’s goal for their 2018 GSX250R was to capture both new and returning riders with a fresh small-capacity sport bike. Call it adventitious, call it bold—but whatever you do, don’t call their new bike a “Gixxer”. From the words of Tak Hayasaki, president of Suzuki Motor of America, “Why are we coming into the market with a 250cc bike now? We’re focused on practicality, and we see this bike as being bought by those who want an experience—a bike that will last them many, many years.” Be it as it might, some of you out there will still be wondering why Suzuki decided not to punch the GSX250R’s parallel-twin powerplant up to 300cc, a completely justifiable quandary.


These smaller engine bikes are really setting up the quality… What are your thoughts on the new #Suzuki #GSX250R