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2017 Yamaha FZ-10 – ROAD TEST

  • By cannonball

Starting with the harmonious psychedelic pop stars Mamas and the Papas isn’t normally what I’d do here, but the 2017 Yamaha FZ-10 isn’t a normal motorcycle.

I saw an interview with the band long ago, and basically they said when they were in the studio they knew they were on to something when the “fifth voice” came in the room. There were four of them, singing amazing harmonies (“all the leaves are brown,” etc.), and that when the harmonies were particularly harmonious, a new, greater voice appeared. The fifth voice. A suggestion of another dimension unseen but heard and felt right here on earth under magic circumstances.


I hear the fifth voice on this most harmonious of motorcycles. The FZ-10 doesn’t have one particular characteristic that makes it exceptional, but much like the bike it shares its essential platform with—the YZF-R1—the overall balance of all its qualities makes it excel. That and the sublime 998cc crossplane inline-four sings the same almost-syncopated staccato rhythm that is just so interesting and moving.


Looks interesting. #Yamaha